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DG McGee Enterprises

ROAR VIP DAY with Dionne G McGee

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Breaking News your VIP Day is here

Come from Ideation to a Strategic ROARING Plan!

This is where we get a ROARING project done in just 1-Day! That’s right, 1-Day.

If you feel like you wear too many hats and you’re always taking care of the needs and wants of others, and you feel like your dreams, goals, and ideas and vanishing in the wind, then you need a VIP Day! This VIP Day is all about you and what you want and desire to achieve in your career/business.

We specialize in ROARING Projects: 

▶ We turn your meow into a ROAR

▶ We turn your ideas into a 6-7 Figure Salary or Business Model

▶ Discover what you are capable of doing successfully

▶ We create the easiest path to scale your career/business

▶ We take your skills talents, gifts and ideas and turn then into a ROARING success

▶ We focus on your mindset/thought work to prepare for the next level

▶ We create the strategic path to monetize your gifts 

▶ We uncover your dreams and goals and how to best achieve them

▶ We create the strategic blueprint for your success

▶ We provide ROAR approved resources from our team/network to assist you with additional steps

▶ We provide you with a customized project plan to follow


An autographed copy of Finding Your ROAR and an opportunity to be a guest on the ROAR Podcast.

It would be our pleasure to help turn your meow into a ROAR so that you can become a part of the ROAR Tribe. If this interests you, click “purchase” and we’ll contact you directly for your consultation and ROARING VIP Day! 


It’s time for you to be Relentless. Optimistic. Ambitious and Results Driven!


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